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Mokslinėje literatūroje 1. Leidinys orientuotas į svarbiausių pozityviosios tėvystės temų ir vaiko auklėjimo klausimų perteikimą.

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An Indepth Study of Eight Learning 2. Brussels, Brussels, COM He has also co-ordinated a range of research and evaluation studies on pedagogy, informal learning and e-learning.

The school concept is based on the Dalton principle. This means that the education is based on three principles: 1 responsibility and accountability, 2 independence and reflection, and 3 relationship and collaboration. In daily practice these principles are translated into the following. But the order of activities, pace and to some extent the way how to reach the objectives can be determined by the students themselves, in close agreement with the teacher. Many activities are based on collaboration with other students.

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Important are the reflection on the different activities and the results of the learning process in relation to collaborative and planning skills. Four departments are housed in the main very modern building; the VP department is housed in a more informal housing. Two departments prepare for vmbo-t diplomas, one department has an emphasis on culture and arts, one department on economics and one department provides extra challenge for students that are well performing in science.

Nuotraukos Klemenso Stulgos. Apie danų rašytoją Hansą Kristianą Anderseną, ko gero, yra girdėję ir tie, kurie nemėgsta skaityti knygų. Knyga su atveriamais langeliais. Kraunamos nuotraukos.

There are special facilities for young top sports men and women. Every department has its own head of department and its own team of some 40 teachers and educational assistants. Besides there is in every department one e-coach for the teachers, two counsellors for pupils, one educational co-ordinator, a personal coach for teachers.

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There is one central ICT-coordinator and four other central co-ordinators. On top of these key elements for school innovation we started debate in order to develop the School Plan — The school faces some problems.

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Because of the growth of the number of students the internal division of classes over the departments was not well-balanced any more.

But this division over departments was well thought of and based on firm pedagogical starting kaip mandagiai išjunk online dating. So we could not debate on the organisational structure without discussing the pedagogical values shared among the personal. At the same time the quantitative results in the highest secondary were below the national reference level.

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At the end of school year — the new School Plan was ready and approved. Before he was an inspector of education with special duties in the field of ICT in education. He was project manager of more than projects on ICT in education.

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He is process manager for integrating ICT in education on behalf of the Dutch government. Ever since its task kaip mandagiai išjunk online dating been to look for and offer new ways of studying and learning, to question the already existing school system and to complete tegus internetinis pažinčių svetainė that.

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In other words its task is to meet the learning demands that are not otherwise met in the prevailing education system. Online Upper Secondary School nettilukio in Finnish was established in bearing this task in mind.

Online Upper Secondary School started with kaip mandagiai išjunk online dating has been following two key ideas ever since: openness and trust.

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The school can be reached from any place in the world as the whole programme of upper secondary school can be studied online, from a distance.

There are no terms or semesters and the academic year is the whole calendar year. All the courses are ceaselessly available online so that the students can pick any course any time.

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Trust in the sense that no police forces or customs were established to control the students. Instead, the school wanted to trust its students. There are no exams in the school but the students have a lot of learning assignments that they do and the teachers give feedback on. The students also write learning logs.

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A portfolio that contains the learning assignments and the learning log provide the basis for the course assessment and the grade. No one is pushed there automatically from a local comprehensive school, for example.

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The age scale of the students spans from 16 to ca They are mainly adults working full time and in various phases of life with various learning and studying capacities. The student profiles include among others.

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