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Nov 28, Mariel rated it liked it Recommends it for: the sparrow's niche in the hole in the wall Recommended to Mariel by: a letter sewn pažintys vaikinai diagrama the lining "But who else is supposed to get to read the story?

This is how it first began? I liked parts of le nhung pažintys viet nam book very much, in a kind of distance of "But who else is supposed to get to read the story? I liked parts of this book very much, in a kind of distance of remembering a book that I had once read and meaningful parts floated up to the top of my mind to console me in comparison of something that was making me lonely in the day today. It could happen that I will deny the writhing boredom twisting my insides.

This is turning into a bad phase with me. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad book, I was bored out of my skull. Remember when the pharmacist feels the indescribable longing as if it were a hole 7 arba geriau pažintys him. I don't know where because I don't have a biological chart on me. His sheepish, awkward desire. He is in a restaurant so it takes on food, though of course it cannot be enough, but at least it has a lead.

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He cannot communicate what he wants on the menu. This was so good, this luck it happened to be the special. I can feel his relief to be understood in my own sagging shoulders.

On paper this is my kind of book. He loses himself.

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He had had an out of body knowledge of self, a going through the motions observer. He loses himself for real.

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The teller of the tale that is told reminded me of the Walt Disney Winnie the Pooh versions. Winnie ambles about on the tops of the words that are unfolding his story.

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The kindly disembodied voice might make some kind of remark and Winnie will look up in surprise. If there's a underbelly of whimsical version that was what I was thinking of for Handke's book. There is probably a word for this in some language I don't know.

Your face would twist up in wanting someone to have a story to tell. To go through the motions on your own face because it has to lead to somewhere, to something, eventually. What Le nhung pažintys viet nam really thought le nhung pažintys viet nam the most was of being in an airport waiting room. In the airport waiting room is a business man. Time doesn't feel connected to before or after.

It'll be a relief when you change to doing travel stuff and a greater relief still to not be helpless to stare at these people who take up more space than you. I've written about this feeling before. I have a staring problem, and I also have a pretty bad waiting room problem.

The pharmacist is the business man version of someone I would watch, definitely.

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Maybe he'll get out his phone when he becomes conscious that he has been observed tapping his trousers for it couldn't have been quarter till quarter till as an answer to the time felt like a hopeless eternity. I know it isn't true that it means anything and still the representation is stronger.

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  3. Tầm nhìn — Sứ mệnh Iš tikrųjų čia pasakojama apie du personažus, kurie susitinka tris kartus, bet kiekvienas kartas yra vienintelis, pirmas ir paskutinis.

They are from another world. Businessman doesn't have his own face even if you stare at him for hours. A man the le nhung pažintys viet nam meets tells him that he reminded him of his father.

Genial, preoccupied, a flipper of switches when he would beat him. The many, many references to the personality of pharmacists itself was a head scratcher for me. My mother is a pharmacist I have known many pharmacists. As a child I spent much of my free time quizzing pharmacy students on their vocabulary lists. My pronunciation was awesome. He is a pharmacist so he can only be this. Of course everyone knows this is true of all pharmacists. Pharmacists don't read!

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Who ever heard of that? When he makes a joke about his le nhung pažintys viet nam clan with their own coat of arms made me laugh. There's a tribe from Zimbabwe who all moved to Zephyrhills, Florida where pharmacist degrees are wallpaper. I don't feel close to this examination of types rather than the specific person, I guess.

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I felt as if something were supposed to happen, someone was supposed to have a story to tell. He gets beaten up and someone becomes someone else, to look like someone else in no time. Not the man, the pharmacist, that people would not recognize, or something to look at as if a bowl of fruit you can't taste or touch.

A painting of one, not a real one. I don't know.

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I thought it was weird he compared the pharmacist to Buster Keaton, screen villains and unapproachable film stars weird more like wistful because I didn't. Maybe like he had these floating ideas of what people could represent and he wanted this one man to be them all.

Buster Keaton could demonstrate a common feeling without being the body holding it. Maybe like a smile without the face. I keep thinking about trying to stay up late to keep it for yourself, the waiting room that's time before time existed, the good kind.

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Mountaintops and good shit like that. To be proud of that, that you kept this one inside you instead of the bad waiting room. The pharmacist and his companions do speak for themselves in this way, sometimes not enoughand I guess I find it harder to deal with the middle men such as myself and the big voice when it means much more to feel as they feel, to be another person, just by listening.

If you pažintys apps keiptaunas have one why be interested in what life is too much already?

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Le nhung pažintys viet nam he's lovingly learning about mushrooms that makes it for me. But I'll probably have to read another Handke when I don't feel like I do now. I liked some of his films when I was in my twenties The White Ribbon in particular.

But who could spend his whole life in fear and trembling? Let your heart bleed at last, and speak!

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How stupid a head was as a mere head, no matter how big- the bigger, the worse.