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Mo­kėk jiems bū­ti dė­kin­gas. Dėl didėjančio automobilių eismo dviratininkai keliuose jaučiasi nesaugūs, todėl jiems šalia tokių kelių stengiamasi įrengti atskirus dviračių takus arba bendrus pėsčiųjų dviračių takus.

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Autorski plakat prezentacji projektu w Kurganie Andrėj Logvin. The represented regional projects are initially provocative in social sense: talking about the Chi- nese in Vladivostok, trying to survive in a monu- ment, into which St.

Problematyka projektu zasadza się na związkach praktyk artystycznych z sytuacją społeczną i kulturalną w regionach.

Užčiuop- damas Vladivostoko ir Kaliningrado sąlyčio taškus vieningai kultūrinei sjovas profiltekst til pažintys sukurti, projektas atsklei- džia unikalią Rusijos regionų meninių pasisakymų panoramą, kuri atspindi realią šalies kultūrinę ir so- cialinę situaciją. Pateikti regionų projektai savo esme socialiai provokuojantys: kalbėti apie kinus Vladivostoke, bandyti išgyventi paminkle, kuriuo tapo Sankt Pe- terburgas, stebėti sieną pačiame valstybės vidu- ryje — Urale, sielotis dėl žemiečių, gyvenančių už- sienyje Kaliningrade …Refleksijos fiksuoja tokią erdvės būseną, kurioje yra ne tik laiko pokyčiai, bet ir mentaliniai, socialiniai ir kultūriniai pokyčiai.

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Just for the sake of it. Just as some time- and place-independent extrapolation standpoint, wrapped in some past and, therefore, forming our present. Naturally, it would be in the same row with pretentious and breezy extrapolations.

No blame and sjovas profiltekst til pažintys abuse! Well, kind of scientific. So what exactly are we going to talk about?

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The subject matter is a possibility of forming two or more states of Russia instead of the present one. Looking at the present state of affairs and non-transparency of several centralTV stations in the big Sjovas profiltekst til pažintys taking into account sep- aration of some former national Republicsis it safe to say, that the cultural and historical eon of the Russian Empire has come to an end?

It has become clear, that the efforts of the central government towards mentioned channels do not reverse history and do not pro- vide a thought, that our debated scenario may come true. However, the stress involved in supporting sjovas profiltekst til pažintys communica- tion structures, that are no longer lively, but stiffening and induc- tile, only adds stress and pressure on the moldering structures. Of course, this point of view is voluntary.

It may be opposed by various tendencies, both realistic and imaginary. Less imaginary, though, than the ones mentioned here.

Poetry, of course, shall not be involved in resolving such issues. But it is traditional of Russian literature to highlight social, cul- tural, historic and philosophical aspects of public life with all its suffering, compassionate and ideological ideas of a possible salva- tion, be it worldwide one or personal.

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Would it be so bright? Shall we also mention if it would be any helpful for further un- derstanding complex and controversial social and cultural situation induced by the state identity, leading family, professional, religious and territorial identities into near non-existence? We can make out and check various scenarios of the future in a quite innocent and non-binding way — by using poetry, just a power of imagination. Can this be done? The historically arranged centralized and complex system of governmental functioning should also be taken into account.

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The centralized communication system in service is getting filled with interference noises due to modern types and means of com- munication. All financial and organizational issues in relation to transportation, information and financial flows via state focus are at hand.

Just like some other issues. For example, new military and well-adapted technologies of the modern Russia, which, proba- bly, are not meant to be discussed within this text. We are focused on the idea. The world physicality with all its massive formations and their unity has been developing for decades after WW2, while few plac- es remained astray and empty kind of like maxillary sinuswhere inflammatory conditions would occur.

Yet, even those remained under control. Today, the mentioned unity of massive formations has become lesser and produced voids, where various shifts take place.


It seems the process of re-uniting may take a long time. The same is in our case. I mean, in our imaginary scenario. Here is poetry to support it.

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A sjovas profiltekst til pažintys of tea and I am alone Looking out the window as if through clear water I see the future Of Russia, intelligent and free, Sensible federalism Of sensible Russias All of them nice and harmonious And friendly 2. In our Russia We always act by the law.

Ką daryti? Aukščiau yra pagrindinės priežastys, dėl vėmimo. Tiesiog jas apibrėžti yra labai sunku.

In response: We act as heart says. I guess, we will have to come to an agreement. I see a bunker below Tired, no sleep, they are in there The light is deeming One stands up: So, war it is!

We do not wish to be prisoners of your madness 9 Who said this? On the 3rd general conference On contact With the fourth alien invasion All Russian states had mutual opinion And prioritized Sjovas profiltekst til pažintys language as governing In everyday communication and mainly transcripts Formulas of convergence ways Only the Northern-Eastern-Chinese- Far Eastern-Russian Republic Abstained 5.

Having a conference, Talking about pokalbių internete pažintys and that, and afterwards remind: Fellows! Do you remember, we used to be One great huge family Not long ago!

Shall we unite again? Together forever! So, investments and customs privileges Tomorrow In the morning Session— And they go their ways 6. It has been discovered, that in Perm region a gi- gantic cosmic-geodetic tetrahedral is reaching out, and, thus, this place shall be considered spe- cial, unique and free-standing in all aspects. It is known, that in Central Siberia very special cos- mic-atmosphere vertical shafts exist, and, thus, this place shall sjovas profiltekst til pažintys considered special, unique and free- standing in all aspects.

It has been discovered, in the Far Eastern region a uniqueseven-layerstructureisattachedtothevisible space surface, and, thus, this place shall be consid- ered special, unique and free-standing in all aspects. It has been revealed, that in Povolzhye region there is a specific dynamics of natural forces of varied cur- rentsandpowerand,thus,thisplaceshallbeconsid- ered special, unique and free-standing in all aspects.

It is known, that in the Middle Russia penetration of cosmic into anthropologic is of a vivid nature and, thus, this place shall be considered special, unique and free-standing in all aspects. It has been discovered, that in Moscow self-orig- inated and self-renewable shield from any kind of entropic intentions is in place and, thus, this place shall be considered special, unique and free- standing in all aspects. Those special, unique and free-standing charac- teristics are attributed to the rest of twelve, maybe, fifteen, maybe, thirteen centers of Russian national identity and governmental self-sufficiency.

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I am in a bar with a beer in my hand I see Thirteen intelligent and attractive Not grandiose and not annoying Russias They go past me Disappear, vanish — But the future Is ours! Started on literary and artistic output in the end of s.

Nesvarbu kur gyvenate, dėvėti rūbai urmu Kaune. Prieš dėvint įsigytus drabužius patartina išskalbti.

Author of numerous articles for magazines, anthologies, catalogues and yearbooks of the modern poet- ry, published essays, books of poetry and prose both in Russia and sjovas profiltekst til pažintys. Honored with several prizes, awards, etc. Choćby z ciekawości.

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Choćby jako pewien wysunięty w czasoprzestrzeni, poza granice dzisiejszej po- spolitości, niejako ekstrapolacyjny punkt widzenia, dla zawracania z jakby pewnej przyszłości do pewnej jakby już przeszłości, czyli naszej teraźniejszości. Naturalnie, obok innych możliwych patetycznych lub beznamiętnych ekstrapolacji. Tylko, na Boga, bez emocji!

Bez zarzutów i obelg! Wszystko będzie na spokojnie, na chłodno i po naukowemu. Jakby po naukowemu. O co więc chodzi? O możliwość utworzenia na terytorium obecnej Rosji dwóch lub kilku Rosji. Czemu by nie założyć, patrząc na obecny stan rzeczy i powstające niekiedy zakłócenia we wszystkich kanałach scentralizowanej komuni- kacji na rozległym obszarze rosyjskim biorąc też pod uwagę niedawne oderwanie się byłych republik narodowychże dobiegł końca wielki kulturowo-historyczny eon Imperium Rosyjskiego?

Rzecz jasna, ostat- nie wysiłki władzy centralnej w kierunku przewietrzania tych kanałów jakby wskrzeszają dziś czasy niedawnej przeszłości i nie dają szcze- gólnych powodów do rozwoju sytuacji według rozważanego przez nas scenariusza.

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Ale nadmierne natężanie sił w celu utrzymania tych tradycyjnych struktur komunikacyjnych, nie napełnianych już świeżą krwią, kostniejących i nieplastycznych, tylko zwiększa napięcie i na- cisk na zżarte korozją konstrukcje.

Taka ocena sytuacji jest oczywiście trochę woluntarystyczna. Można się z nią nie zgadzać i wskazywać przeciwstawne tendencje — zarówno te oczywiste, jak te pożądane i wyobrażane.

Sjovas profiltekst til pažintys mniej wyobrażane od przedstawionych tutaj.